Some background on why i started sarahsociables

I'm Sarah. (Obviously.)  And I am an event hoarder. 

What's an event hoarder? I don't know. I made up the term, but I know it's me because I have an obsession about knowing what's going on around Calgary.  And I thought to myself, (back in January 2019), instead of hoarding all these events to myself like a greedy scrooge I should be sharing them with others so they can go out and enjoy them too!  And I also really liked the idea of supporting local businesses by connecting businesses doing awesome things with the people looking for the awesome things.  So I'm basically a mediator between two parties looking to find each other. At least that is how I see it. 

Do I attend EVERY event around town?  Well no, I have a day job... but at the same time the more excuses to celebrate the better.  In my friend group I've always been the one to invite people to events, share Calgary happenings, and bring together people and now I'm doing that on a larger scale.  I hope you're into it!


about me personally

Here's a little life history for ya so you know I'm not a bot. 

I grew up in rural Alberta and moved to Calgary about 10 years ago.  Ever since then I have worked in similar roles that involve a lot of excel spreadsheets. Also important, I have two cats that are my favorite little buddies in the whole world.  I am definitely a cat person and if you show me pictures of your cat I will actually care.