Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting LocalFriendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting LocalFriendship, Fun & Supporting LocalFriendship, Fun & Supporting Local


Hello, new friend!

Good to meet you

I'm assuming you're here because you want an easy way to find the good stuff happening around town.  It's hard.  Finding out what's going on is one thing, keeping track is another.  Plus, Calgary just keeps getting bigger making this even more of a challenge.  Previously it was no one's job to gather up all these local events in one place, well, THERE IS NOW! (It's me, that's my job...I'm sitting right here).  Yes, thanks to me you'll have FOMO no more as I'm here to help you out my little buddy.

There are a couple of ways I can make your life easier:

1) If you want to get an insider look on local experiences (new restaurants, festivals, shows, markets, and other random new things) then sign up for my free blog. 

2) If you want daily info on what events are happening around town follow me on Instagram.

3) If you want a curated newsletter of the best events in Calgary for the upcoming week sign up for YYC Sociables.

Mission Statement

SarahSociables mission

Part 1: Getting people out of their comfort zone and out making friends and having new memorable experiences.

Part 2: Supporting local businesses by spreading the word about quality experiences in the Calgary area. 

A Little Background

The start of Sarahsociables

I am an event hoarder. 

What's an event hoarder? I don't know. I made up the term, but I know it's me because I have an obsession about knowing what's going on around Calgary.  And I thought to myself, (back in January 2019), instead of hoarding all these events to myself like a greedy scrooge I should be sharing them with others so they can go out and enjoy them too!  And I also really liked the idea of supporting local businesses by connecting businesses doing awesome things with the people looking for the awesome things.  So I'm basically the middleman between two parties looking to find each other. 


who i am

I grew up in rural Alberta and moved to Calgary about 10 years ago.  (Sorry, native Calgarians, I'll never be as good as you.) 

I want to be the first person to see the newest, coolest, bestest shit that Calgary has to offer.  Hey, some people want to be the first to have the newest iPhone and they'll wait in line for hours to do that, not me.  Others need to see a movie the night it comes out. Also not me. Everybody's got their thang and my thang is what's happening locally. I gotta be the first to know. I GOTTA. 

I have two cats that are my favorite little buddies in the whole world.  I am definitely a cat person and if you show me pictures of your cat I will actually care.  If I liked your cat photo on instagram, that was a genuine like, so know that!