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Valentine's day ideas ~ calgary 2019

I strongly feel that everyone needs a plan for Valentine's day.  Single, taken, doesn't matter, you should still have a plan for what you are going to do so you have something to look forward to.  I INSIST THAT YOU DO THIS.  Plus I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by my somewhat unorthodox list of suggestions . 

Glow Downtown Light Festival

While the light festival stretches over multiple days (Feb 14-18), they have a feature Valentine's event on the 14th.  It's called "Love Lights,' it's at Olympic Plaza, and it's free! 

Adults only night at Telus spark

Telus Spark is holding a Love & Sex themed Adults Only Night.  They're also hosting a fancy dinner with two available seating times. AND chocolate fountain. You had me at chocolate fountain.

Beer vs wine at Craft Southcentre

This Brewmaster's dinner is Valentine themed.  Wine or beer pairings for every course plus dessert. I could see this being fun to do with a group of friends.  In fact, I've even been to a Brewmaster's dinner and made NEW friends. Good, casual environment to socialize.

eat chocolate alone

Do it. Eat ALLLLLLL the chocolate. Plan to do it. Have no regrets.  I've done this before on Valentine's and I'm sure I'll do it again.  If that's not enough reason for you I've included a link to chocolate gifs. (That's right gifs, not gifts).

Try a new restaurant

Jeeze there's a whole list of them I've so kindly laid out for you.  Wouldn't it be fun to try one? Way better than revisiting somewhere you've been before. LAME.


Go to Costco

You think I'm joking, but this is the best day of the year to visit Costco because every housewife in Calgary is on a date with her hunny. Take advantage. You'll be laughing your way through the non-existent line up. (Full disclosure I have done this before and it was a wonderful way to spend Valentine's day, don't think I'm weird. Oh. Too late.)

In the Heat of the Night - Calgary Zoo

Have you ever been to a catered event at the Zoo? I've been a couple of times and the food is REALLY good. This Valentine's event includes dinner, music, games, photographer, and of course some info on animals.

Rage in The Rage Room

Are you angry and bitter?  That's cool, we've all been there and tend to return visit on occasion. I say own it and go full throttle.  Book a time slot in the rage room and destroy some shit! Should be cathartic. 

Punch Drunk Love

You can punch any and all Valentine's anger out in a 50 min boxing class and afterwards, if you have any remaining sorrows, drown them in beer at Trolley 5.  (I'm sure couples can do this too, but seems like a good friend activity).

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