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Sometimes i throw my own party

As a chronic party attender, (read alcoholic) I've been to a lot o' places, seen a lot of venues, sampled a lot of tasty food items, and basked in various party decor choices.  Sometimes I too like to throw a celebratory bash for one reason or another.  You should come!

SarahSociables BrewBus Takeover

January 2020

Have ya'll heard about YYC BrewBus? I think I am their biggest fan.  It's seriously the best though.  It's a free bus that goes from brewery to brewery in Calgary on the 3rd Saturday of every month. A FREE BREW TOUR.  Amazing.  Check out their website for more details. Anyway, I did a "takeover" of the BrewBus in January. And of course the date of the brew crawl was literally like -35. BUT despite the arctic conditions people still showed up and we still had a super fun time.  I lost count of how many breweries we visited but we made a lot of new friends and best part was we stayed warm the whole way. Do the BUS! You'll love it. Actually I might do another. Good chance. 

New to Calgary Pub Crawl

June 2019

I threw a pub crawl!  The theme was "friendship" and meeting new people, so people were encouraged to show up alone, (scary right?).  But it worked!  Everyone had the same mindset which made for an easy going and friendly vibe.  A lot of people had recently moved to Calgary so it was extra neat to hear their life stories.  I was so glad that this random bunch of cool peeps made for a epic pub crawl and lasting friendships.  :) :) :) 

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