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Sometimes i throw my own party (and I want you to be there)

As a chronic party attender, (read alcoholic) I've been to a lot o' places, seen a lot of venues, sampled a lot of tasty food items, and basked in various party decor choices.  This is all very nice and wonderful. It is also inspirational, sometimes I too like to throw a celebratory bash for one reason or another. 

Below are some photos from a super awesome pub crawl I threw in June.  The theme was friendship and people (especially people new to Calgary) were encouraged to show up alone, throw caution to the wind, and get out and have some fun with complete strangers.  And it worked!  Everyone had the same mindset which made it easy going and friendly. It was so neat to hear everyone's stories. SUCCESS! 

My next event is to be determined. With Stampede currently almost here, I don't want to compete with the many, many, many, many, many, many, parties happening at the same time.  So I'm thinking after stampede would be the way to go. 

Also of note, I would like to/am planning on, throwing a end of year classier, red carpet type of event.  Of course, I have no idea how to budget for such fancy things, but that is the goal in mind. We will see. Obviously I don't want to go into personal debt for such things, so it will depend on public interest.  Let me know if you want to get fancy drunk. 

Oh and if you want to see more pub crawl photos, check out the complete album on facebook. 

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