whhhhat? why is sarah publishing ebooks?

I've decided to write ebooks. Does that make sense? I donno. But I think I've started to get pretty good at it. I really like writing and this website and ebooks are a couple of examples of that. I only write non-fiction as my skills lie in gathering information, summarizing it in a fun & helpful way, and highlighting what's most important for you to know.  So I've done that here on some seemingly random topics that excite me.  I genuinely hope this information will help you out friend!


Swipe Right on a Husband (Nov 2019)

Whether you’re new to dating apps or just frustrated with dating apps, this book guarantees to improve your experience and put you on the path to marriage. Expect no nonsense, practical advice for women on what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. You got this, girl!

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