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Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

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Private Parties in Calgary

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Venues? Why did you include venues on your site Sarah? Because I LIKE them that's why. And I'm not talking about big wedding venues noooooo, I'm talking about exclusive private dinning spaces. There are so many hidden gems in Calgary that people NEED to know about.  There's stunning and classy or one of a kind and intimate.  Depending on the vibes you are trying to create, trust me, there's a place for your gathering.  Don't do normal. Do it better.

Bank and Baron Calgary chandelier room

Bank & Baron - Chandelier room

The Bank & Baron on Stephen Avenue is a beautiful venue in its own right.  Built as an actual bank in 1930 it has maintained the original classic architecture and bank "feel".  There's even a vault downstairs!  While you can book the vault room, which is cool, I think the superior choice is their Chandelier room.  This room over looks Stephen Avenue on one side and the bar area on the other.  It fits up to 60 cocktail style or 25 diners.  I believe booking it requires a minimum spend.


Blink - Private Dining Room

I've actually never been to Blink so this is a poor description, but from what I've HEARD, its a small, intimate and classy restaurant on Stephen Avenue.  I believe that is what is reflected in their private dining room as well.  "Contemporary simplicity?" We'll go with that. The room seats up to 10 diners. 

Deane house library room

Deane house - The Library room

Admittedly, I haven't been to Deane House either.  From what I understand it is quite a luxury experience. Known for both its service and excellent cuisine, they hold a number of events (a lot of wedding photos on their site), but I think the best dining area they offer is the Library room.  It feels prestigious.  Something about being surrounded by mahogany and books that gives an atmosphere of arrogance, but the FUN kind of arrogance.  Seats 24 diners or 48 cocktail style. 


Bridgette Bar - Private Dining Room

Bridgette Bar is all the rage right now. And dammit I haven't been here either. (Am I even cool anymore? Sad face.)  It made Avenue Magazine's top 25 restaurants in 2018 and a quick check on OpenTable lists it as being one of the most popular reservations.  Their private dining room is modern and interesting.  It seats 18 diners. 


Trolley 5 - BarrelRoom

I've been to Trolley 5 a number of times and have never been disappointed.  Its on 17th ave which pretty much guarantees it will always be filled with a fun crowd.  They offer multiple options for booking but I think the Barrel room is probably the best (although their downstairs is pretty cool too...).  The Barrel room can fit 30 diners or 40 cocktail style.  


Hy's Steakhouse - The Alberta Room

I've been lucky enough to have been treated to a night out at Hy's Steakhouse. It was amazing.  The food was so, freaking, good.  It really was next level.  I believe for that reason its on the pricey side.  I mean it is of course a stunning venue as well.  It has a classic, yet modern, steakhouse feel.  It feels...expensive. Haha.  But definitely worth it.  The Alberta Room can fit 16 diners for an elegant function.  

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