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Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting LocalFriendship, Fun & Supporting Local
It's that time of year again...


Also known as Christmas for alcoholics, Oktoberfest is back in town and better than ever! (Just kidding, Oktoberfest isn't Christmas for alcoholics, Christmas is Christmas for alcoholics.) 

Oktoberfest in Calgary


What to do?

What to do for Oktoberfest in Calgary, well for starters, drink some German beer.  You might also want to eat some German food too.  German food and beer, like the Germans, are solid, hearty, no-nonsense, practical, won't-let-you-down choices.  Put a Canadian spin on it, like everyone wearing plaid, and we've got ourselves a good time.

Wurst - Multiple days

Well it just makes sense that this would be the first place people would look to for a good time.  And Wurst does it again, with multiple events you can choose from or hey, be a champ and go to them all. 

SEP 20 - Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest Kick-Off Party

SEP 21 - Erdinger Official Oktoberfest Party

SEP 27 - Erdinger Oktoberfest Beer Dinner

SEP 28 - Steamwhistle Oktoberfest Party

SEP 28 - Steam Whistle Oktoberfest - Calgary

OCT 4 - Erdinger Oktoberfest Beer Dinner

Austrian-Canadian cultural centre experience - Date ?

I love this because this is where you're going to get the most authentic experience.  While I haven't been myself, I'm assuming the members are very welcoming and would love to give you a bit of background on their heritage and traditions of celebrating Oktoberfest. I'm a little confused on dates because what I saw on Facebook didn't exactly match up with their website, sooooo contact them to be sure you've got things straight. 

Co-op wine spirits & beer sampling event at Shawnessy - Sept 19

While I'm not sure how big this event is (it only costs $10 so that makes me think it's on the smaller side) I'm sure it's worth attending, especially if you live in the area. Lots of tasty samples and personally I feel that any opportunity to expand my beer knowledge will enhance not only that drinking experience but all my drinking experiences in the future so that I can better appreciate my choices and what went into the beer. (I'm assuming a bit of beer education is part of this event.) 

Bow River Brewing Oktoberfest theme party - Sept 21

This sounds like a good time! Music, pretzels, Bratwurst and of course lots o' beer.  Anyone wearing anything German (dirndel or lederhosen or ...?) gets 10% off their bill! Attending the event is free!


Oktoberfest Bier Celebration at 1600 world bier Haus - Sept 27

Dress German and drink up. Deals on mugs ($8) and Steins ($14) and German food. 

Inner City Brewing with miniature art - Oct 2 & 3

This is an Oktober-mini-fest dinner and will be held on Oct 2nd or 3rd. Interestingly these dinners focus on miniature art (teeny tiny dinner scene).  I imagine you will be eating and drinking full human sized things, but this is definitely a different way to celebrate Oktoberfest. Kinda neat actually. 


Craft consistently delivers a good time and Oktoberfest is no exception. Plus you know you're gonna get the beer options along with beer-knowledgeable servers to make sure the experience is 100%. I'm gonna go ahead and assume they've got some Oktoberfest inspired foods on the menu as well. Also, this event is free! No tickets required.

Dandy Ale - Oct 6

Celebrate in their tasting room with lagers on special and Oktoberfest snack menu. 

Oktoberfest at Caravel Brewery - Oct 12

I can't find an event page for this which is annoying but they did send an email out saying they are having a party Oct 12! Food, beer, music, giveaways, AND it's free entry!

Anything else Oktoberfesty going on around Calgary? Lemme know!

Prost to you friend!