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New Year's Eve 2019 - 2020


New Years Eve in Calgary

Ah yes, New Year's Eve, also known as the most high pressure party of the year.  While some people crumble under this pressure and end up staying home rather than face a disappointing party, I think that's the wrong attitude. You don't get a LOT of opportunities to dress up nice in Calgary (well we have the odd gala, but how many GALA's did you attend this year?!?).  So I encourage you to put on your fanciest tuxedo shirt and cowboy boots and get out there and have a darn good time! (whilst ignoring the inevitable January 1st hangover. It's worth it.)  Ring in the New Year with your friends to start it off truly right. :) 

Here's some ideas I've put together of places you can go, but really LITERALLY EVERY BAR AND RESTAURANT IN TOWN THROWS A NYE SOMETHING OR OTHER. So you don't really need me cuz you can literally go anywhere. That said, maybe this will perk some ideas in your head. 

And from me to you, just want to say happy new year friend!

Singles NYE Masquerade gala

Are you single? Are you ready to get down and mingle? Well alcohol and desperation will help with that! Just kidding, well kinda.  You gotta love the hilarious desperation that occurs at 11:58 when people are looking for someone to kiss at midnight.  This event is organized by Two Towers and is in the Jack Singer Lobby at Arts Commons. Tickets start at $65

Great Gatsby Roaring 20's party at Cowboys

For some reason every New Years Eve we repeatedly get the 1920's theme parties. Must have been one hell of a party era.  So that's what Cowboys Calgary is doing. Tickets start at $15 and go up to $75 but that includes a dinner package (they provide several of their internal restaurants as options). See the link below to check it out!

Olympic Plaza New Years eve celebrations

The City of Calgary is doing it's part to celebrate by offering free fireworks downtown at Olympic Plaza. Not sure what else is there but I assume also some music and hot chocolate, the usual family friendly stuff. If it's warm and you're heading out later, might be worth a stop by. 

MExican Dinner & party at Tropical

Party on 17th ave for only $15 at Tropical.  And if you want to get in on some tacos and champagne $45.

Roaring 20's at Ranchmans

Another one! Ranchman's is also doing the 1920's theme. What's great about this party is you can actually get in free if you download tickets and make it there before 9pm.  You can also pre-purchase general admission for $15 or a dinner package for $30. 


Craft Downtown or South

Craft Beer Market is a solid New Year's Eve choice, I've spent several New Year's Eve's there and it's always delivered a great time. It's only $20 for advance tickets and if you want a dinner included it's $75 at their downtown location ($65 at their South location). 

Dinner at CIBO

Cibo on 17th is offering a very reasonably priced set NYE dinner at $46.75.  They have a variety of seating times so you can do dinner and head out elsewhere if that's your plan. Cibo is newly renovated, if you weren't aware, and they now have a wine bar. Wine is half price for New Year's Eve! Dangerous. 

ROSe - A New year's affair

So the theme of this NYE party is Rose, haha. Well it is at a Champagne lounge so I guess it's on brand. This party includes a DJ, and knowing that Untitled Champagne Lounge is small, I'd expect that this would turn into an alcohol fueled dance party early in the night.  This swanky lounge is attached to the Derrick Gin Mill, where they are encouraging you to book dinner reservations. Makes sense, or you could book anywhere on Stephen Ave and be close by. 

Office Trivia New Years at midtown

Big fan of The Office? Well then this is the New Year's party for you.  Tickets are $25 or $50 if you want VIP.  The VIP ticket includes 2 drinks, party favors, and a mystery gift. I wonder what the heck the mystery gift is? 

NYE pub crawl

Hopefully it's a warm night! Well, I guess you're in a bus in between stops. AND we all know the bus is the best part of the crawl. This would be a good time for sure.  I love me a good pub crawl. Probably a younger crowd though as it's organized by Student Tours Canada so keep that in mind.  Crawl starts at Hudson's downtown and goes to 4 locations.  Tickets are $25.  

MUCH music video dance party

So if you want to hang out with a more age-appropriate group, the Much Music Video Dance party at National on 8th is probably the party for you.  Let us reminisce about the 90's. Such angsty times.  If you just want the dance party it's only $15 or you can upgrade to the dinner package for $50. 


Napkins & Confetti at The Back Alley

Haven't been back to the new old Back Alley yet? Well now's your chance!  Tickets are free before 9pm or you can buy $15 entry or $25 VIP.  Seems pretty cheap actually.  And think of all the napkins you can throw! (But what if you don't want to throw napkins? Seems bad for the environment...)

New Years Eve at DAndy Brewing

Well if you're poor and like tasty beer (like me) then you'll like this party option.  Dandy Brewing is hosting a NYE party where there aren't any tickets.  All yah gots to do is make a reservation! 

British New Years at Ship & Anchor

Also nifty, Ship & Anchor aren't charging cover for NYE. It's a British-themed party, although I'm not quite sure that that entails? Seems like a regular party but maybe with the addition of proper accents.  Am I the only one who gets British confused with Pirate? Ahoy!   

Brew Year's Eve 2020

Only $10 for advance tickets to Trolley 5's NYE party.  They'll have music upstairs and down.  And if you want a prime rib dinner that'll set you back $25.

Home & Away NYE

The new Home & Away is not huge so I'd recommend getting these tickets early.  It's $20 entry and you can spend an additional $30 for that to come with a bottle of prosecco.   "Large prosecco for one please."  

Electrodeo Masquerave NYE

I personally think this looks awesome. Ring in the New Years with some sick beats at Electrodeo. PARTY PARTY PARTY.   This party will go down in Sunalta Community Hall. Tickets $45

Wishing you the best year ever