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Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

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New Calgary Restaurants 2019

Alvin's jazz club - Dec 2019


Mahogany is really making the rest of Calgary jealous. Alvin's Jazz club is a new, yet classically old, lounge style restaurant in the deep south.  The theme is New York in the 30's or 40's which means lots of elegant gold trimmings, martinis, and high quality dishes with a vintage feel (e.g. beef wellington, Waldorf salad, and meatloaf!). 

The Goose - Dec 2019


If you're hungry, DO NOT look at the instagram page for The Goose. The menu items are seriously mouthwatering. They just opened and I haven't made it there yet, but it's on the to-eat-immediately list! This restaurant comes from the owners of The Beltliner and Gorilla Whale, so these people know food.

Sidewalk Citizen - Nov 2019


Sidewalk citizen, (yes the bakery!) now has a restaurant all of their own. And it's a cute one too. They took over the space in Central Memorial Park that used to be Provision. Their menu has an Israeli influence featuring dishes like falafel, skewers, fatoush, and even a fish plate!  There's also a bakery on-site so don't expect to leave empty handed. 

Home & Away - Nov 2019


Guess who's back! After briefly dying in the summer of 2019, Home & Away has been returned to us in the late fall.  Essentially, they got killed by 17th avenue taxes. So all they did was pick up and move to 1st SW (next to Leopolds & St. James).  They did a bit of a menu refresh, they lost a few of their games and table space (i think) and they added a whole shuffleboard thang happening in their basement. I recommend you go get your shuffle on and also, get the wings, they are top-notch. 

Bar Patricia - Oct 2019


Located in the Grain Exchange building, Bar Patricia is a really great spot.  It's small and hip and has a crazy feature wall (seen here with me standing in front of it).  We went there on a Friday night and enjoyed a bottle of Rosé before heading off elsewhere.  It was odd the place had so few customers on a Friday (see empty tables for reference), but it was also a dark winter night, hope they get the business they need to survive!

D spot dessert cafe - Oct 2019


OMG. If you are into food porn then I have the place for you. D Spot is part of a national chain and they just opened a location on 17th ave.  While I haven't made it there yet, I'm kicking myself because their food looks CRAZY. I think they put a full bucket of nutella on every crepe. It's redic. Apparently when you go plan to share a dish with 1 to 4 people because they are just that massive.  Or maybe take it to go??

Common bond - Oct 2019


It used to be Paper Street and now it's Common Bond. I'm not even sure if they closed for renos or just did an overnight switch?  Anyway, it happened really fast.  Obviously more of a branding change than anything else, but cool, why not? Welcome to the neighborhood Common Bond. Keep an eye out for various events at Common Bond, they do date night movie packages with Globe Cinema and other fun stuff.

takori beltline - oct 2019


As you know, tacos are all the rage right now. Which is awesome, and so is the fact that a taco-centric restaurant exists in the heart of downtown.  This new restaurant is attached to Foreign Concept (I mean physically, not emotionally, although there might be something there too).  We went there and it was good, they had a variety of taco types and the typical margaritas you'd expect. I wasn't really blown away by it as I had hoped to be though, but maybe I just came in with high expecations.  

queens - sept 2019


Let me preface this by saying, I'm not a big brunch person, or even a breakfast person, I tend to skip this meal in favor of chugging 2-3 bailey-soaked coffees. #healthymornings  For that reason, I think Queens is something I could be down with. The brunch menu looks spectacular and I love that it is simultaneously a morning cocktail bar. As someone who doesn't see the appeal of a shitty diner atmosphere, THIS is where I'd greatly prefer to spend my morning hours. So thank-you for treating us boujee breakfast people like the royalty that we are.

mÉlo eatery - sept 2019


To be honest, I don't know much about this place.  They are downtown and serve fancy french food. I'm not sure if it's more of a corporate lunch place or an evening dinner place. I do know that the chef is a big deal. His name is Duncan Ly and he is behind a number of restaurants in Calgary including Foreign Concept and Takori, so it is safe to say this place is worth a visit. 

modern ocean - sept 2019


From the creator's of Modern Steak comes Modern Ocean! So. You KNOW it's gonna be good.  You are probably familiar with their Stephen Avenue location, the main floor is now Modern Ocean and the 2nd floor is Modern Steak. AND, I happened to have a little bonus information on what's happening on a higher up floor's a patio level.  I predict this patio will be epic in the summer, not in a trashy way, but I think they will accomplish a classy and beautiful restaurant patio that Calgary has never seen before. Yes, my expectations are high and I can't wait.

the allium - aug 2019


This new vegetarian restaurant seems to be quite a hit. I walked by it the other night and it was packed.  Their menu does look delicious.  I'm not a vegetarian but I do love me some good vegetables. Lots of shared plates if you want to do group dining.  They also have an extensive cocktail menu and an impressive looking brunch. 

annabelle's kitchen - aug 2019


Too cute!  You can find Annabelle's kitchen in Marda Loop.  While I haven't had the chance to visit, it looks casual and at the same time well put together.  The menu is Italian focused. This restaurant is from the owners of Blink and Bar Annabelle (both on Stephen Ave). I must stop by for some pizza and pasta!

flores and pine - aug 2019


The website of Flores and Pine describes the restaurant as "elevated casual."  I don't know what that means but I'm gonna assume it's something along the lines of "look how good I look without even looking like I tried." You know. I'm casually hot. Well, this casually hot restaurant is actually hot because I've heard a lot of people talking about it. The menu is "Canadian" which is amazing, but if you look through it, it just means a lot of variety haha. Variety that looks tasty though. Pizza, fish, pasta, steak, duck, scallops, it all sounds significantly better than Tim Horton's menu. 

taiko canteen - aug 2019


If I had to describe Taiko Canteen I would say it is multi-focused. It's about tacos sure, but it's also about local draft brews, but it's still more so about mini-golf. Wow. And I would left it at triple focused but now they have added a game show called Totsu. I don't understand the game show thing, maybe it's just a one-off, I guess we'll see.  Also I only went to Taiko Canteen once and it was so packed with a line up, we gave up before getting drinks or tacos. I imagine it is less busy now but keep in mind it's a very small venue so it fills fast. 

Moonlight & eli - July 2019


In the cutest little pink house in Bridgeland, lies a new restaurant that focuses on champagne and fondue.  I haven't been yet, but who doesn't like bubbles and melted cheese? This is probably an exceptional place to go to for a celebration or for a totes adorbs girls night. 

Taj kabob - July 2019


You had me at "Afghan street food modernized."  I love trying new flavors and new flavor combos so I'm already sold.  I haven't yet been to Taj Kabob because it's way in the NE, but everyday I see yet another delicious kabob pic on their instagram is another day I kick myself for not having tried it. (Whoever is doing their food photography should get a raise, cuz dammmmmn.)

carmine's pizzeria - june 2019


You can now get New York style pizza right here in Calgary!  It requires a drive to the NW or just do it the easy way and order delivery.  Fun fact about me, I've never ordered delivery in my whole life, okay there might have been the odd time when me and my friends drunkenly ordered pizza, but I myself have never ordered food in.  What can I say, I like going out!  

Comery block - june 2019


So freaking good. Well I love BBQ so maybe I am biased... but these ribs...Hmm mm mmmmm mmm mm. Comery Block opened on 17th avenue in the summer and is the sister (brother?) restaurant of Hayden Block in Kensington.  So the menus are very similar, as is the focus on whiskey/bourbon drinks. Pay attention to their daily specials for a deal or go to after 10pm for half price meat! See you there!

Chairman's - June 2019


New from the Vintage Group (known for Bookers, Allora, Township24) is a fancy classic steakhouse down in Mahogany.  I had the chance to visit Chairman's at a media event and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Really.  It didn't even look like a restaurant that belonged in Calgary, I thought I might have been transported to Vegas.  Take a look at their website gallery or Instagram and you can see how super beautiful and high end it is inside. This would be an amazing place to hold a celebration or to have a romantic steak dinner with a mini-vacation feel. 

I love you coffee - May 2019


Fun fact: I posted about the I Love You Coffee Shop on my instagram stories and it was the most clicked on thing I've ever posted to date.  There was about 380 people who clicked it over 24 hours. THAT BE CRAZY.  Not sure what the attraction was, perhaps just cuz it's weird ass name for a coffee shop and it just makes you want to learn more. Who are these people who made this weird coffee shop? What's it like inside? Is it as random as their instagram feed? And least important, how does their coffee taste?  Well I'm down to find out. Gotta make it here pronto.

Yardarm - may 2019


I don't know what a "Yardarm" is.  And that's not just because I'm stupid, it's also because their website and instagram don't provide any insights. Go to their website, it's all black with a couple of quotes. So I have no idea what this place even does other than serve cocktails. I've heard good things though, from more than a few people.  So whatever they are secretly doing is working and I am going in with high expectations for this mystery cocktail bar. 

Smoke n Fusion - APril 2019


CORNBREAD! I know, that's not what you were expecting. But that's what I'm excited about trying here, but ALSO definitely the meat.  Important to note, they have smoked vegetarian options to please our non-meat-eating friends.  I haven't been there yet (it's down in Avenida) but I'll let ya know when I do. They pride themselves on being a big part of the community and I like that that is important to them. Always be a good neighbour! 

Hawthorne Room - April 2019


Opened April 2 in the Fairmont Palliser hotel, this elegant dining room is a wonderful addition to Calgary's upper-scale lounge scene.  The room is a renovated space that has maintained its old world pride and traditional feel while at the same time feeling new, shiny, and sophisticated.  They are open all day and into the evening (breakfast until late night).  This would be an interesting place to hang and check out the visiting hotel clientele. (not as a hooker, please don't go if you're a hooker, that's not what I meant). 

Allora - April 2019


Allora is an all-Italian restaurant that prides itself on its ingredients that are either local or shipped straight from Italy. Wow.  Allora is all the way in Aspen Landing. which, I don't know where you live, but that is real far from me.  I did make it there with a group of friends though and we thought it was worth it.  We got awesome seats right in the middle of the restaurant which sounds like a not-awesome spot but it was actually perfect for a group setting.  We had our own little area.  I ordered pizza and pasta and both were REALLY tasty.  My only complaint, (others had the same complaint) was that the dishes were very skimpy on the meat.  I had a sausage pasta that was delicious but only maybe had 3 chunks of sausage in it. Same problem with my prosciutto pizza. Great taste, but skimpy. If they pumped that up, it would be worth driving back for.   

Lulu Bar - April 2019


Fresh on 17th ave, Lulu Bar is a great addition to the strip.  (17th is basically the vegas strip of Calgary right?)  Anyway, this pic is of me in front of their big, dramatic, statement-making door. I recommend you get the same pic when you visit.  I only had a few small plates when I went and some delightful spiced/flavoured popcorn.  Also the drink I got came in a cat shaped jar so that made me happy (cat lady here).  Check out Lulu, I predict it will be a feature on Calgary's vegas strip for years to come.  Update: I have since returned to Lulu to experience their epic patio. It was everything I wanted it to be and more.  Two of us got addicted to the "Lamborghini Mercy" cocktails and the waiter said this was the most any table has every ordered Lamborghini Mercy's, so I feel like I left with some kind of record anyway. 

Finesse Desserts - April 2019


Just stop already, you're too beautiful. Finesse is too beautiful and their desserts are too beautiful. Seriously.  You can kind of see the wall of flowers in this pic but obviously you gotta go in person to see the whole place and all the amazing sweets. Tons of macarons! Macarons for days!  I wish I was rich and I could buy all the macarons.  That's really the only reason to be rich, that and expensive cheese.  Anyway, enough about me, visit Finesse! It's on Macleod trail. Great for gifts or a party favor for your host.

Moose and poncho - march 2019


What a great name to combine two great countries!  This small place is in located in Chinatown (cuz why not?) and is ideal for lunch.  It features fresh tacos with traditionally cooked mexican meats and spices.  They also make fresh baked churros daily!! omg. Very tasty and more authentic compared to tacos from other places. 

WaalFlower - March 2019


Opened March 5, 2019, Waalflower is the newest addition to the Bridgeland area.  They have a selection of "pies" on their menu (which is hipster language for pizza I guess?) and some pastas and appies.  So I guess it has an Italian feel.  Mostly I was just really excited about the smoked pina colada I had which was a deeeeelight. I wish it was on special during happy hour because then I would have like 8 of them. 

Southland Yard - Feb 2019


Officially open Feb 27th, Southland Yard is big on games, craft beer, and tasty pub food!  The games they offer are bocce ball, foosball, shuffleboard, arcade games, pool, and board games.   They are located down Macleod Trail (old Boomtown location).  If you live in the area this would be a cool place to hangout after work or maybe weekends when I'm gonna assume it gets filled with hotel guests. 

Super Smash Cafe - Feb 2019


It's a coffee shop, its a gamer's home, it's your childhood happiness returned!  Play old school games on old school game stations and/or get a delightful cup of coffee. Something different to do with your friends on a casual fun night out! Itz a meeeeee a Maaaaario!  *falls off rainbow road*

Le Petit Boeuf - Feb 2019


Officially open Feb 5, 2019 this is Calgary's newest addition to the Mission area.  It's small with a white, minimalist vibe but big on taste.  As you might expect from the name the menu features a lot of cow-focused dishes (I made up the term cow-focused).  It looks like a good place to take out a colleague on the company dime or maybe for a fun couple date.  Currently they are only open for dinner service. UPDATE: NOW CLOSED. Unfortunately Le Petit Boeuf didn't make it.

The Black Sheep - Jan 2019


Opened Jan 2 this looks like it could be the new hipster place to grab a latte and a buttery pastry while on a walk on 17th. It's small and cute and the staff are super friendly. They are known for their popular raspberry jam croissants.  (Not only tasty but very instagrammable as well.) They also have a weekly cake feature.  Really making me want to come back on a weekly basis...

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