New Calgary Restaurants 2019



New from the Vintage Group (known for Bookers, Allora, Township24, Moose McGuire's pub) is a fancy and tasty looking steakhouse.  The problem with this steakhouse is that it is really far away from me in Mahogany, so hopefully that is close to you so you can tell me how it is.  If you look at their website gallery or Instagram it looks super beautiful and high end inside. Poor people like me can probably never afford it. Now I'm sad because I want some tasty steak. Maybe I'll go there and order a small salad... 

Smoke n Fusion


CORNBREAD! I know, that's not what you were expecting. But that's what I'm excited about trying here, but ALSO definitely the meat.  Important to note, they have smoked vegetarian options to please our non-meat-eating friends.  I haven't been there yet (it's down in Avenida) but I'll let ya know when I do. They pride themselves on being a big part of the community and I like that that is important to them. Always be a good neighbour! 

Lulu Bar - April 2019


Fresh on 17th ave, Lulu Bar is a great addition to the strip.  (17th is basically the vegas strip of Calgary right?)  Anyway, this pic is of me in front of their big, dramatic, statement-making door. I recommend you get the same pic when you visit!  I only had a few small plates when I went and some delightful spiced/flavoured popcorn.  Also the drink I got came in a cat shaped jar so that made me happy (cat lady here).  Check out Lulu, I predict it will be a feature on Calgary's "vegas strip" for years to come. 

Allora - April 2019


Officially opened on April 4, Allora is an all-Italian restaurant that prides itself on its ingredients that are either local or shipped straight from Italy. Wow.  Allora is all the way in Aspen Landing. which, I don't know where you live, but that is real far from me.  I did make it there with a group of friends though and we thought it was worth it.  We got awesome seats right in the middle of the restaurant which sounds like a not-awesome spot but it was actually perfect for a group setting.  We had our own little area.  I ordered pizza and pasta and both were REALLY tasty.  My only complaint, (others had the same complaint) was that the dishes were very skimpy on the meat.  I had a sausage pasta that was delicious but only maybe had 3 chunks of sausage in it. Same problem with my prosciutto pizza. Great taste, but skimpy. If they pumped that up, it would be worth driving back for.  Also the cocktails were amazing. Great cocktail menu. 

Hawthorne DInging Room - April 2019


Opened April 2 in the Fairmont Palliser hotel, this elegant dining room is a wonderful addition to Calgary's upper-scale lounge scene.  The room is a renovated space that has maintained its old world pride and traditional feel while at the same time feeling new, shiny, and sophisticated.  They are open all day and into the evening (breakfast until late night).  This would be an interesting place to hang and check out the visiting hotel clientele. (not as a hooker, please don't go if you're a hooker, that's not what I meant). 

Moose and poncho - march 2019


What a great name to combine two great countries!  This small place is in located in Chinatown (cuz why not?) and is probably ideal for lunch.  It features fresh tacos with traditionally cooked mexican meats and spices.  They also make fresh baked churros daily!! omg. 

WaalFlower - March 2019


Opened March 5, 2019, Waalflower is the newest addition to the Bridgeland area.  They have a selection of "pies" on their menu (which is hipster language for pizza I guess?) and some pastas and appies.  So I guess it has an Italian feel.  Mostly I was just really excited about the smoked pina colada I had which was a deeeeelight. I wish it was on special during happy hour because then I would have like 8 of them. 

Southland Yard - Feb 2019


Officially open Feb 27th, Southland Yard is big on games, craft beer, and tasty pub food!  The games they offer are bocce ball, foosball, shuffleboard, arcade games, pool, and board games.   They are located down Macleod Trail (old Boomtown location).  If you live in the area this would be a cool place to hangout after work or maybe weekends when I'm gonna assume it gets filled with hotel guests. 

Super Smash Cafe - Feb 2019


It's a coffee shop, its a gamer's home, it's your childhood happiness returned!  Play old school games on old school game stations and/or just get a delightful cup of coffee. Something different  to do with your friends on a casual fun night out! Itz a meeeeee a Maaaaario!  *falls off rainbow road*

Le Petit Boeuf - Feb 2019


Officially open Feb 5, 2019 this is Calgary's newest addition to the Mission area.  It's small with a white, minimalist vibe but big on taste.  As you might expect from the name the menu features a lot of cow-focused dishes (I made up the term cow-focused).  It looks like a good place to take out a colleague on the company dime or maybe for a fun couple date.  Currently they are only open for dinner service.

The Black Sheep - Jan 2019


I wouldn't normally feature a bakery but it is on 17th avenue so I feel the cool factor is at play here.  Opened Jan 2 this looks like it could be the new hipster place to grab a latte and a buttery pastry while on a walk on 17th.  As soon as I'm done this damn Keto diet, I'll be shoveling their chocolate ganache cake into my mouth for all of Instagram's viewing pleasure (or displeasure). UPDATE: I tried this place and its small and cute and the staff were super friendly. They are known for their popular raspberry jam croissants.  (Not only tasty but very instagrammable as well.) They also have a weekly cake feature.  Really making me want to come back on a weekly basis...

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