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New Calgary Restaurants 2017

The Wednesday Room - Nov 2017


The Wednesday room went full out on its theme "The Shining."  The rich 70's decor creates a luxurious lounge experience.  There's a lot of burnt orange.  Its awesome.  I love orange.  I also love their drink menu which has a full list of movie-inspired cocktails.  Red Rum anyone? Note that this place is very popular, especially with the after-work downtown crowd so make a reservation! 

Two Penny Chinese - Oct 2017


Chinese food, but fancy.  Let's face it a lot of Chinese restaurants are basically interchangeable.  Two Penny did their own thang. The atmosphere is classy and Asian chic.  The food focuses on small portions of top quality and the drinks are strong and unique.  For a restaurant experience stay upstairs, for lounge/bar vibes go downstairs. They also have comedy on Thursdays, which is a weird choice for the venue, but I like it. 

Dark Table - Oct 2017


I have yet to visit Dark Table and I'm really mad at myself for not prioritizing this in my life! I have heard really good things about what a special experience it is. While the entrance area is lit, when you are guided to your actual table you will be in complete darkness for your whole dining experience. Whoa.  So cool. Also super cool, all the wait staff are visually impaired so they are uniquely skilled in leading guests through the experience.  I think that really adds to the learning and understanding of what it would be like to be visually impaired. Great idea all around.

cardinale - Sept 2017


I haven't been to Cardinale, which is silly because it has an easily accessible location right next to Cowboys Casino.  It's small, intimate, and specializes in trendy, strong drinks.  They are known for their delicious Italian food and I feel like this would be a great place for a date, maybe not a first date, but like a more intimate 2nd or 3rd date.  Maximum romance.

Bread and Circus - Sept 2017


Ugh, I am mad I haven't been here either.  That picture of the giant cheese wheel alone has me sold. It also has kind of a speakeasy feel because it is hidden inside Una Takeaway on 17th ave.  Its like Una's secret baby restaurant.  They are big on Italian food and tapa-style menu items. Personally, I told my boyfriend, this may be good good choice for our Valentine's dinner. *hint* *hint* So MAYBE I'll be checking it out soon after all.

Butter Block - Aug 2017


This is a young SAIT graduate success story.  Karen Kong is the owner/head baker for the amazing Butter Block.  She started it because of her passion for baking and I'd say her passion shows in her high quality work.  The bakery specializes in croissants but offers a few other items as well. Try their sweet stuffed croissants, made to order and life-changing!!

Calcutta Cricket Club - Jul 2017


I really like this place. I do extra love Indian food though so I might be biased???  To be fair, in my mind this food isn't as traditional Indian as what you might be familiar with. Instead its hmmm more modern? More hip. Wow these are bad explanations.  I'm sayings its good, but less authentic in my uneducated opinion.  The Kati rolls are AMAZING. Also they have a late night happy hour that is extremely well priced. Cheap drinks and eats. Oh and really unique decor.  Highly recommend.

Ox Tapas - April 2017


Ox Tapas is the newly renovated Ox & Angela.  While I went to Ox & Angela a number of time's I'll admit I haven't gotten around to visiting this newer version.  I did like it before so I'm assuming they kept all the best parts (lots of tasty tapas and warm atmosphere) and added some more good stuff.  From the photos the decor looks much more Spanish inspired. 

Foreign concept - Jan 2017


For a place that opened 2 years ago I find people are still talking about it a lot.  The food is modern Asian fusion.  The small or large Korean and Vietnamese plates are meant to be shared and I could see this being a great place for group dining. Cuz I mean, you're really going to want to try everything.  The lounge side has laid back vibes and warm decor.  A good choice for a date or small group of friends. 

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