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Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting LocalFriendship, Fun & Supporting Local

May Long Weekend


Camping in nature/drinking in the woods

Welcome to Alberta's fake summer holiday. Where we pretend it's summer but really it's not and we just live our lives in denial. Hooray!  My friends and I like to do the Waiparous camping thing.  Nothing beats being as loud as possible in a cold forest environment. Okay I'm not really selling it to you, that's okay though, you've probably noticed I make no money off these posts by now.  Seriously though, if you want an adventure try Waiparous, you'll meet some people and come back with some stories. 

Camp-in party

Will the weather suck this May Long? I don't know, probably. In that case, Trolley 5 has already got you covered (like literally covered). You can join in on their all day "Camp-In party" starting with a tasty brunch, moving to a few drink specials and then ramping up with a DJ starting at 2pm. No mosquito spray required. 

speed dating (not to be confused with dating on meth)

You could waste May Long weekend by being the lazy butt-munch that you are. OR you could do something productive like find yourself a life partner.  Alright, that might be a bit of a stretch, if you go into speed dating thinking you'll find a life partner for sure that won't happen. But at the very least you'll have a new awkward hilarious stories to tell. And if you are a reasonably normal human being you'll leave with your self-esteem raised! At least I did. (It felt good to be able to meet new people and feel, maybe not wanted, but accepted). 

otafest all weekend

Otafest is this cool, random, and kind of confusing thing.  I say that because I have never been but from what I can tell it involves Japanese culture, anime and cosplay. Which I think is fricken sweet. Do you know how hard those cosplayers work on their costumes??? Like a lot, is the answer. Go on Saturday to see the cosplay contest showdown. (Otafest starts Friday and goes until Sunday, you can even get a weekend pass if you're real excited about it).

celebrate (or mourn?) the end of game of thrones

I've gotta hand it to Telus Spark for being creative with their event choices.  Why they are holding a Game of Thrones finale tribute party is beyond me, buuuut I like it. They've designed it so that you can go to the event before you go home and actually watch the final episode. It starts around noon and includes fun stuff like sitting on the Iron Throne, sampling Westeros food, witnessing a medieval battle, and seeing a dragon up close and personal.  I have no idea how they are pulling off those last 2 items. Send me pics of the dragon please. 

Binge Watch old movies

Nothing says May Long weekend like watching the entire Back to the Future trilogy. Okay, that doesn't really make sense. But just wanted to let you know that it was something that is available to you. Starting at lunch time on Saturday you can watch the first Back to the Future movie at Globe Cinema downtown. If you watch all 3 you'll be done around 7pm. Lots of time to catch another movie??

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