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Could you be doing more fun stuff? Spoiler alert, the answer is yes.  Chances are you don't even hear about all the awesome things you and your friends could be going to because there is too much and it's information that is all spread out all over the place.  Calgary is big and it's just getting bigger.  Making this even more of a challenge. Turns out its nobody's job to gather up all these random events in one place, well, THERE IS NOW! (Its me). 

Realistically how do you know what concerts are coming up at the Saddledome? How do you know when Winefest is rolling around? And how on earth would you hear about that small pub event or new restaurant opening?  What!? Are you going to research the whole internet for "future Calgary events"? I didn't think so. But now you don't have to. It's all right here. All the fun things you care about in one place.

Who am i? And am i crazy?

I'm Sarah. (Obviously.)  And I am an event hoarder.  So yes I am crazy.

Why did I create the ultimate guide to Calgary events?  Because I like 'em.  I like knowing what events are going on in Calgary even if I don't attend, although I often do!  The more excuses to celebrate the better.  In my friend group I've always been the one to invite people to events, share Calgary happenings, and bring together people and now I'd like to do that on a larger scale.  I hope you're into it!

As my new friend, I hope you explore my website a bit.  If you don't find something to do, then jeeze let me know, because that means I've failed you!  

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You could find all this information yourself or you could do it the easy way.  

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