Hello restaurant and event industry friends!  This page is for you.

Hello my local business friends!

Times are tough. Your business, if it’s even open right now, probably doesn’t have a lot of money coming in.  While there isn’t much I can do about that as we sit and wait this Coronavirus thing out, what I can do is offer what I have – an interested audience.  For the next month, if there is something you’d like to advertise I can do that for you for free.  Offering takeout? Change your business hours? Opening back up soon? Gotta promotion running? Or even if you just want a shout out to get some more followers.  I’ll put whatever you want on my Instagram stories to spread the word.  So take advantage of that! I don’t know why you wouldn’t. 

Another thing I can offer, for free, is a social media/influencer consult. Got questions about working with an influencer? Got questions about running your social media? Just want some advice or quick pointers? No question is too small or too dumb! 😊 And no pressure on working with me either, I know a lot of influencers in town and am happy to introduce you to someone who might be a better fit.


I know budgets are tight/non-existent, but if you do have a little bit of cash and want more, I’ve attached some options here.  No pressure, just wanted to let you know there is more I can do if you are trying to spread a message right now.

Thanks all! I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your business as things hopefully are getting started up around Calgary. I for one, can’t wait. I am SO excited for stuff to come back and will do everything in my power to make sure our local economy comes back stronger and better than ever. 


To take advantage of your free story and/or free social media consult please email me or message me on Instagram. Whichever is easiest.  Please note, this is for local event & restaurant businesses only (or closely related). 

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