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Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting LocalFriendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Calgary Pub Crawls


Choose your own adventure

You could pay for a pub crawl OR you could do it yourself with these awesome crawls I've pre-designed for MAXIMUM FUN!!! (But also please don't sue me if something goes horribly wrong).  

Here's the list of crawls I've researched and created for the best possible good time.  There is greater detail on each crawl below. 

List o' Crawls

Ralph Klein pub crawl:  A downtown dive bar crawl

Ralph Klein Pub Crawl

Ralph klein pub crawl

A little background on this particular crawl, although I think you get the gist of it when you hear the name.  Good ol' Ralph was known for hanging out in some sketchy-ass places. This is what makes this particular crawl hilarious due to the dive bars included.  But, before I get to those craptacular pubs, let me tell you about the people who first trekked this crawl and why I've had to deviate from the original venues.  

The original Ralph Klein pub crawl was invented by U of C students wanting to "expand beyond their social circle" to essentially become "more well-rounded" people.  This is far more philosophical than anything I am aiming for but I recognize that they were in college after all.  The crawl they completed included 4 locations: The Royal Canadian Legion #1, St. Louis Hotel, Cecil Hotel, and King Eddy.   Unfortunately, St. Louis Hotel and the Cecil Hotel, no longer exist.  King Eddy exists but hardly in the same format as it was completely knocked down and rebuilt.  It's actually a nice place to eat now and a tourist destination as part of the National Music Centre.  

Therefore, the new, and unfortunately improved, Ralph Klein pub crawl starts out dingy and ends fairly decently, as you can see here.

Dive Bar 1: Dicken's pub 

Dive Bar 2: Vern's

Dive Bar 3: Bear & Kilt Freehouse

Dive Bar 4: Royal Canadian Legion #1

Dive Bar 5: King Eddy

Should you want to make some adjustments to the crawl some pubs of honorable mention are Broken City, the Hop n' Brew, Ship n' Anchor, and Juliet's Castle all depending on your definition of "dive bar" and what you're looking for of course.

Ralph Klein Crawl (Walkable)


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