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if you have an event and want exposure

  • Tag @sarah.sociables on your Instagram post and I will feature it in my stories (provided it's relevant to my followers).  You can also DM me if you're worried I won't see it.

if you have an event and you want me to attend

  • I would love to! Please email the details to sarahsociables@gmail..com so that I can RSVP officially.

if you want to do a giveaway

  • Great idea! I love giving stuff to my awesome followers. Two caveats, it must have at least a $50 value and it must be aligned with my brand. If I started giving away fitness stuff or skincare it just wouldn’t make sense. But tickets, food, alcohol, gift cards for restaurants or experiences are all great things my followers want. 

if you want to mail me your product

if you want to see my follower analytics

  • You're in luck, I have a media kit with all my stats from multiple social platforms. Email me for a copy.

any other questions

  • If it's a quick question probably Instagram DM is the fastest. For anything with a lot of information hit up my email. Thanks pal!

you can also use this form to contact me. It will send an email to my gmail account.

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