Calgary Comedy


Understanding the YYC comedy scene

Where do comedians come from mommy? Good question kid.

Let me introduce you to the big 3 in town.

Yuk Yuks

Yuk Yuks is right next to the Saddledome and directly inside the Elbow River casino (hidden upstairs).  Which makes it easy to get to and even easier to accidentally spend a bunch o'money gambling (all part of the fun!).  Yuk Yuks is part of a franchise across Canada (16 venues) and they have their own roster of about a 100 comedians who travel back and forth and around and down and back again as part of the Yuk Yuks comedy circuit.   This is good because you get comedians who have met the Yuk Yuks stamp of approval but it is bad because it means little to no exposure to non-Yuk Yuks brand comedians. That's why it's important to visit a variety of comedy venues!

8pm Friday and Saturdays nights (check times for special shows as they often do double headers)

The laugh shop

You've probably been to a show at the Blackfoot Hotel.

8pm Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights (check times for special shows)

the comedy cave

The Comedy Cave is no longer on Macleod trail where it was for years, it is now downtown on the west end right next to the Holiday Inn Express. They serve standard pub-style food if you want to have dinner with your laughs! And you can make reservations in advance. Especially nifty for large parties.

Shows at 7:30pm daily (except Mondays) and there are double headers Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm.

other comedy venues

Broken City - every Monday night. It's mostly amateurs but it's also a testing ground for more established comedians to try new material.  Legend has it Zach Galifianakis stopped by one time... (I would keep expectations low though)

Loose Moose Theatre - improv shows done by a performance company. Located by Crossroads market.  

Calgary comedy festivals

FunnyFest - May 28 to June 7 2020.  11 nights of comedy at 11 venues and 70 performers. 

YYCOMEDY Festival - May 20 to May 25. 

And now... a rant

listen up punks

I will end this page with a rant.  *clears throat*  Calgary comedy shows are the most underappreciated and underrated entertainment events we have available to us in this city.  We have world-class comedians right in our city and comedians who visit our city from incredible distances and who are insanely talented.  They have acts that have killed in massive venues and they come to Calgary to a pitiful club with a handful of people.  It's a crying shame I say.  Every empty seat in a comedy club is a waste. A WASTE!  Who doesn't like laughing??? WHO??? It's literally the most fun thing you can do for the least amount of money AND very accessible too.  

Perhaps people just don't know about the shows or forget that comedy exists.  There isn't a lot of advertising because comedians are poor, and they are poor because you don't go to their shows. (See it's all your fault).  

Alright well that was my rant, I really just wanted to peer pressure you into attending some comedy shows because it's for your own good.  Honestly it's one of my favorite things to do  I don't go much in the summer because it's sunny out and I want to be on patio for the 20 days in Calgary we can actually do that, but in the winter my goal is to go almost weekly. THAT'S RIGHT I SAID WEEKLY.  If I can go weekly, I think you can try and go like once a month? Or once a year? You can do it. Support our local funny people.