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Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Friendship, Fun & Supporting LocalFriendship, Fun & Supporting Local

Calgary Breweries


What a time to be alive

There used to be one or two breweries around town, or at least that I remember!  The good old Wild Rose brewery and Brewster's.  And while those two are oldies and goodies (raspberry ale.... Mmmmmm), who can resist trying all these new options!  And the cool thing about the craft beer market is that micro-breweries are so supportive of each other.  It's not a competition, there's enough customers to support all of these great places.  Well, as long as we are doing our job to GO THERE AND DRINK! So GO. Go support the craft beer industry and check each of these off your "to drink" list. 

Calgary Brewery List by date opened

 Two Pillars Brewery - Tap room coming soon

Evil Corporation Brewing - Tap room coming soon

Freehold Brewing - Tap room coming soon

Bitter Sisters - Feb 2020

Outcast Brewing - Sept 2019

Two House Brewing - July 2019

Heathen’s Brewing -  June 2019

Rapid Ascent Brewing - May 2019

Bow River Brewing - Feb 2019

The Establishment Brewing - Jan 2019

Cabin Brewing Company - Dec 2018

Inner City Brewing - Oct 2018

Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co. - Oct 2018

Legend 7 Brewing - Sept 2018

Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.- Aug 2018

Marda Loop Brewing Co. - Aug 2018

Prairie Dog Brewing - Aug 2018

O.T. Brewing Co. - July 2018

 Revival Brewcade - July 2018

Elite Brewing & Cidery - June 2018

Good Mood Brewery - May 2018

Born Colorado Brewing - April 2018

New Level Brewing - April 2018

The Dandy Brewing Co.- April 2018

Red Bison Brewing - Mar 2018

Paddy’s Barbecue & Brewery - Dec 2017

Railyard Brewing - Nov 2017

Citizen Brewing Company - Sept 2017

Zero Issue Brewing - July 2017

Caravel Craft Brewery - June 2017

Annex Ale Project - May 2017

Cold Garden Beverage Co. - Jan 2017

Common Crown Brewing - Dec 2016

High Line Brewing - Nov 2016

Mill St. Brewery - Oct 2016

Trolley 5 Brewpub - June 2016

Banded Peak Brewery - May 2016

Tool Shed Brewing Co. - July 2015

Last Best Brewing - Jan 2015

Minhas Micro Brewery - Jun 2012

Village Brewery - Dec 2011

Wild Rose Brewery - Jan 2006

Brewsters Brewing Co. - Jan 1989

Big Rock Brewery - Jan 1985

Download this list

Want to track which breweries you've been to and which you've missed? Download this nifty list I made.

Calgary Brewery Bragging Rights (pdf)


Do it yourself Brew Tours

visit all the breweries

You look like the kind of person who wants brewery bragging rights.  You can visit all of Calgary's micro-brewery's in 6 weeks (one tour per weekend) if you follow each of the brewery tour maps I've included below.  Some are walkable brewery tours others require transportation.  Below each map is a link to the tour in Google Maps.  Send it to yourself or go old school and print it. 

Let me know how you do! Maybe if you send me your photo when you complete it I'll put it up on my website or something... you need some sort of recognition! 

INdustrial Tour - 9 Breweries


Longest tour!  I recommend an early start and a full stomach of BBQ from Paddy's BBQ and brewery.

  1. Paddy’s Barbecue & Brewery
  2. Banded Peak Brewery
  3. Cabin Brewing Company
  4. Born Colorado Brewing
  5. Legend 7 Brewing
  6. O.T. Brewing Co.
  7. Annex Ale Project
  8. The Establishment Brewing
  9. Prairie Dog Brewing

Inglewood Tour - 6 Breweries


Heart of the Barley Belt!  These breweries are close enough you can walk, bike, jog, or stumble your way through. Ends at Revival Brewcade so you can finish with bonus video games!

  1. Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.
  2. The Dandy Brewing Co.
  3. Cold Garden Beverage Co.C
  4. Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.
  5. High Line Brewing
  6. Revival Brewcade

Downtown tour - 5 breweries


Mostly made up of older restaurant/pub style breweries.  This tour can be walked or stumbled!  (note that Last Best is last, ha! the irony)

  1. Mill St. Brewery
  2. Trolley 5 Brewpub
  3. Inner City Brewing
  4. Brewsters Brewing Co.
  5. Last Best Brewing

South Tour - 6 breweries


Requires a little more drive time. Some of the older breweries on here.

  1. Wild Rose Brewery
  2. Marda Loop Brewing Co.
  3. New Level Brewing
  4. Village Brewery
  5. Good Mood Brewery
  6. Big Rock Brewery

North tour - 7 breweries


Spread out in the North. The coldest tour, haha just kidding.

  1. Minhas Micro Brewery
  2. Zero Issue Brewing
  3. Citizen Brewing Company
  4. Elite Brewing & Cidery
  5. Common Crown Brewing
  6. Red Bison Brewing
  7. Tool Shed Brewing Co.

Airport Tour - 2 breweries


Its a drive to get to the start of this tour, but... then it's only 2 stops!

  1. Railyard Brewing
  2. Caravel Craft Brewery

If you want to add a 3rd bonus brewery, head out to Airdrie to check out Fitzsimmons Brewing!  They do brewery tours every Saturday at 3pm. 

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